Monday, 8 February 2016

Tips for sleep deprived parents

When Archie was born, everyone would ask me ‘so who is he sleeping?’ or ‘you must be shattered!’ and I honestly didn’t know what they were talking about. Archie slept for most of the day and occasionally would wake up once during the night! I thought this was great and thought it would be like that forever!...Ha, yeah right! Fast forward 8 months and a different story can be told all together!

Whether it be teething or wanting to adventure, Archie seems to be waking up earlier every day! I cope with lack of sleep quite well but my partner doesn’t so it’s been a bit of a change for us.

Here’s my tips for coping with lack of sleep!

  1. find a routine that works and stick to it. Maybe bath, feed, story bed? For the first night or two of the routine, make sure baby is extra tired. This will help baby get the idea of things and it’ll be heaps easier for you.
  2. Take turns with the morning shift. As much as I miss lie ins with my partner, this is the most invaluable tip. On a saturday I wake up early with baby and give himself a rest. The next day it’s my turn!
  3. Get outside. Fresh air is the greatest medicine to get a baby to sleep. To get Archie to nap during the day I bring him for a quick walk in the buggy up the road. The fresh air also helps me to wake up too!
  4. Drink up. It took me so long to figure this one out. You always hear people lark on about how great water is for you. I didn’t want to believe them. Water is boring and I always forget to drink it. However, it’s the number one thing which helps me feel more awake and have more energy.
  5. Coffee...This is probably a bad recommendation and it does more damage than good in the long run, but what the hell! I need my mug of coffee in the morning or the day just is’nt happening.
  6. Learn to breastfeed lying down. This is an invaluable skill. It means I can basically stay semi asleep while feeding Archie during the night. My partner brings Archie back to bed and everyone sleeps better because of it.
  7. Remember, this too shall pass. It won’t be like this forever. least not until you have another one!

Happy sleeping!!


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