Friday, 19 February 2016

Should I give my baby probiotics?

Recently I had to take antibiotics for a kidney infection. I always take probiotics while taking antibiotics and this time I decided to pick up a bottle for Archie. I’m not fully sure why as I hadn’t heard any benefits before then. I actually had a lot of research to do when I got home from the chemist!

I purchased the Sona BabyBiotic and they cost €19.95. This particular brand contains 1 billion Bifidobacterium.

Why should I give my baby probiotic?
During the first few months of your baby's life gastrointestinal disorders are very common. These include colic, constipation, diarrhea and acid reflux. This can be distressful for baby and parent alike. Probiotics may be beneficial in managing these disorders.

Probiotics may also help reduce eczema flare ups. My baby is sensitive to milk protein so this is especially useful for me. Other benefits include;

Overall, probiotics help build your baby’s immune system and some studies have proven, babies who take probiotics are less likely to pick up a stomach virus/bug.

How does it work
Think of a probiotic as a shield of armor for your little ones immune system. Probiotics help make the digestive tract strong by restoring the natural digestive flora by adding ‘good bacteria’ to it. This stops bad bacteria from entering into the bloodstream. This means it can even reduce the chance of your baby catching the cold or flu!

So what is the evidence to support probiotics for baby’s?
Studies have been carried out on children in Finland and Israel which found evidence to show that children who take probiotics are less likely to catch an illness than those who do not. There is also a great deal of evidence to support probiotics benefits to the digestive tract and prevention against infectious diarrhea. The most researched probiotic is LGG (Lactobacillus GG).

I hate seeing my little guy ill and I’ve decided to continue giving him probiotics. They’re quite pricey but for me the benefits are well worth it and it really is a great immune system booster! Make sure to begin the dosage low and then continue to build it up. I simply add the drops to my baby’s food and he doesn’t notice.

Have you tried probiotics for your cherub? Did they help?

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