Thursday, 11 February 2016

Parenting Book Haul

I spend most evenings researching and googling anything and everything about parenting. I find it extremely interesting. Last week I had an urge to read from an actual book, so I settled one which I heard great reviews of called how to feed your child well. It’s by Irish authors and seemed like a must have. I may have ended up purchasing a few more as well(whoops, don’t tell my partner!).

  1. How to feed your child well
  2. The calm and happy toddler
  3. Mothers raising sons
  4. Raising boys

Feed your child well by Valarie Kelly,Therese Dunne and Phyllis Farrell. €17.99 at Easons.
This is a guide for parents to explain the major stages of your child's nutrition. It’s factual and informative and the perfect go to manual to dip in and out of. This strangely reminds me of my home economics book from school and I reckon it’s one I’ll keep for life.

The calm and happy toddler by Rebecca Chicot. €19.50 at Easons.
I’ve flicked through this book and it seems easy to read and understand. It’s a mixture of science based facts and stories from real parents with toddlers. It’s the type of book which you can read from start to finish or if you’re experiencing a particular issue it has a go to section to target the problem.

Mothers raising sons by Nigel Latta. €10.99 at Easons.
Do you ever wonder why boys are so noisy? How they have so much energy? This book promises to answer that for you. It’s a psychology based book filled with useful and practical ideas. I’ve read a few pages and it has a supportive tone throughout. This I especially love as it makes it particularly useful for stressed Mamas!

Raising boys by Steve Biddulph. €19.50 at Easons.
This is one of the bestselling and most successful parenting books. It’s divided up into three sections depending on age. I’ve read section one which is appt to me. The author, steve seems to have a great sense of humour which keeps things light hearted. This book is written in a way which makes it extremely easy to understand and i’ve learnt a lot so far. The ideas are quite powerful and revolutionary for the time and I can see how it’s a bestseller!

I’m looking forward to reading all of these books, however some parts won’t be useful to myself for another couple of years! Do you read parenting books? Which would you recommend?

Happy reading guys!



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