Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Taking Stock

Living in this fast paced world it's easy to get cuaght up looking for the next secret door and where it will lead you. Today I decided to take a while to just stop. Look at what I have now. See how perfect it is, enjoy it. I have so much to appreciate in my live now, sometimes it's best to stop looking forward. 

This is why I decided to do this blog post, taking stock. And also, thanks to a lovely blog a read called meet me at Mikes!

Making : Tonnes of nursing tea and struggling to drink it. It tastes vile...even with lemon and honey!
Cooking : Creamy chicken and spinach pasta! It probably isn't good for me, but do I care? Nope! It is delicious! I use Donal Skehan's recipe.
Drinking : Water and that's about it, unfortunately.
Reading: Parenting magazines. 
Wanting: A holiday. Far, far away!
Looking: At the yellow flames of the fire. Nearly hypnotizing!
Playing: A daily game of cat and mouse with baby A now that he can crawl. He's a speedy little chap.
Deciding: If eating healthy is really necessary? It's an awful lot of effort for a women who loves sweet treats.
Wishing: Baby A would sleep later in the morning.
Enjoying: Glittering frosty morning walks. There isn't a better way to wake and energize my soul than icy cold mornings, wrapped up tight for a stroll.
Waiting: For spring to arrive. I love nature and baby animals so it's obviously the best time of the year for me
Liking: The time. Nearly time for little A to go to the land of nod.
Wondering: If you dream of me as much as I dream of you.
Loving: Watching my tiny baby grow into his own little character as his personalty begins to flourish.
Pondering: What it would be like to be as organised as them Pinterest Mums. How do they do it! 
Considering: Taking up yoga. Or some hoby to fill the longer evenings.
Buying: Breast pads. Still, lots and lots of breast pads.

Watching: American football. Why, you may ask? I'm blogging and he's watching every sport that has ever existed on YouTube!

Hoping: that himself will go and make me some tea.

Marvelling: At how bright it is outside tonight.
Cringing: At how horrific I am at driving.
Needing: A driving instructor!
Questioning: Where is all my money gone? 
Smelling: A cinnamon candle still burning from Christmas!
Wearing: Christmas pjs. I'm obviously not ready to move on!
Following: My instincts which have always been right in the end.
Noticing: That my little A turns 8 months tomorrow. I need to start thinking of birthday party ideas.
Knowing: I'm strong enough to get through certain problems, smoothly and argument free.
Thinking: About things which are far to deep for this lighthearted blog post!
Admiring: My determined and hard working partner, who pushes on through any task...even on his holidays!
Sorting: My wardrobe. I literally just through everything into it. It's my Monica cupboard and I determined to get it organised...tomorrow.
Getting: Tired.
Bookmarking: Clothes which I need want to buy but can't afford.
Coveting: Food.
Disliking: Close minded,over bearing and touchy feely people.
Opening: Up my feelings to the blogging world.
Giggling: At himself attempting to put a pony tail in his hair. It's way too short and he always does it to give me a giggle!
Feeling: Tired. And hungry for not so healthy treats.
Snacking: On boring old water!
Helping: Uhm no body. I SWEAR i'm not selfish!
Hearing: Baby giggles and squeals. Ahhh, its really is my favorite sound!

I hope I haven't come across too boring. I live a simplistic life and there isn't much drama in it. For that I am thankful but I feel it might cause this post to fall a bit flat! Writing this post has expanded my gratitude for life and I would love to read your stock take for January!


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