Thursday, 7 January 2016

Hello all...

Hello I'm Roisin,

Firstly, me tell you a small bit about me.You'll usually find me with food in my mouth and a mug of tea in my hand, researching anything I  possibly can. I'm a deep thinker and find it hard to switch that off (hello insomnia!). Other than that, I love the outdoors and the occasional trip to Primark.

I'm Mum to one smiley, mischievous little boy called Archie. He has brought me more joy than I can even begin to explain! If you're reading this you're probably a parent, so I hope you'll enjoy hearing my rambling and stories about the little mischief maker!

I set up this blog to document my life and capture my adventures as a young(ish) Mum. All this parenting stuff is learning on the go for me so I hope I can connect with others in a similar situation to me. Expect to see plenty posts on my daily goings on, recipes, weaning and my experience breastfeeding.

I didn't set this blog up to gain a following or get free things and I don't claim to be a perfect Mum. I simply enjoy reading blogs and think I'd enjoy writing one

I hope you stay around to read some more and I plan an posting on a regular basis. Follow me on instagram for daily updates


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