Monday, 11 January 2016

5 Signs You Know You Have A Baby!

Stupid title, I know. The most evident sign you have a baby is obviously if you literally have one!

We all expect our lives to completely change when we have a baby and oh boy it does exactly that. Although, we all have them moments when reality hits and I'm not talking about being perpetually exhausted. I'm talking about them random silly moments that have become everyday life since you had a baby! You know you have a baby when...

Half your sitting room is a playroom.

I'm not kidding, I could probably set up a nursery. We're short on space and this is the safest room in the house for Archie to play in during the day. It's not ideal and far and away from the look I was going for when decorating the room but it's probably staying that way for the foreseeable future. Plus, playmats are surprisingly comfy to lie on when baby is gone to bed.

Going to the shop is a military exercise.

Actually, leaving the house at all is a big deal. Remember the days when you and your partner would easily hop in the car and go for a drive? Yeah that doesn't happen, no spontaneity anymore! Is baby fed? Clean nappy? What about the nappy bag? Will we need the buggy? And the list goes on! Thank the lord for online shopping!

You'd rather loose your purse than spill a bottle of pumped milk.

This stuff is liquid gold. The saying "There's no point crying over spilt milk", means nothing if your talking about breast milk! As pathetic as it sounds, it breaks my heart to see any of it wasted. Just like squeezing oranges, pumping takes time and patience and I really hate to see that wasted!

You find yourself signing those irritation nursery rhymes in the shower.

I hear them. All day, everyday and they go through my head. The get stuck in it. I'm totally guilty of throwing out a wicked version of Mary had a little lamb in the shower! I'm hoping the batteries will go in a few of the toys before my sanity does!

Eating your dinner in one sitting while its still hot, is an achievement.

Oh how selfless I've become since baby was born. Food was up there with my top loves, along with Netflix and stuff. Now there's bigger concerns. Especially when baby gets to that impatient age and shouts to get more sweet potato!

All of these are quirks of the job and I think there obvious signs you're doing the job right! I love all these things because they're reminders of my favorite little person!

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